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Automatic fire fighting system (AFFS)

САПТКЗ 2The AFFS is designed to extinguish fires on the protected object, simultaneously performing the function of fire alarm.

AFFS is created while taking into account all-Russian, regional and departmental normative documents in force in this area, as well as the building features of the protected buildings, premises and facilities, the possibilities and conditions for the use of extinguishing agents, based on the nature of the manufacturing process.

AFFS is a complex of equipment and algorithms, consisting of fire detectors, light and sound annunciators, remote start devices, fire extinguishing systems, distribution pipelines, fire controllers and fire fighting control devices.

AFFS is classified according to the type of extinguishing substance used:

  • gas;
  • powder;
  • aerosol;
  • water;
  • foamy.

САПТКЗThe type of extinguishing installation, extinguishing method, type of extinguishing agent are determined by the design organization taking into account the fire hazard and physical and chemical properties of the substances produced and stored and used, as well as the features of the equipment to be protected.

EIC "Technomir" since 2004 has accumulated a wealth of experience in the implementation of more than two hundred automatic fire extinguishing systems with the application of a wide range of domestic and foreign equipment of the companies NPB Bolid, Siemens, OOO Spetspribor , ZAO Eridan, SystemSensor, OAO Electronstandart- instrumentation, ZAO Artzok, Technomash EIC, Valan, Cortem-Goreltech, CJSC NPK Etalon, ASPT Spetsavtomatika, Rittal, DKC and others.

EIC "Technomir" performs a full cycle of works on designing, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of AFFS of any complexity at industrial and civil facilities throughout Russia and near abroad.

The automatic gas control system (AGCS)

САПТКЗ 3AGCS serves to monitor the state of the air environment on the protected object in order to prevent exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations and lower concentration limit of ignition of controlled compounds, timely notification and the supply of control action to the actuators.

EIC "Technomir" offers comprehensive solutions for the deployment of AGCS at industrial and civil facilities.

The basic elements of the AGCS are:

  • gas analyzing sensors, applied for concentration metering of the controlled gazes and vapor;
  • lighting and signaling indicator;
  • control and signaling devices based on specialized controllers or implemented on complex solutions of automated process control systems.

EIC "Technomir" successfully introduces AGCS with the use of equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers: FGUP SPO Analitpribor, AO Electronstandart instrument, CIS-Controls, Det-Tronics, Siemens, OWEN, etc.

Since 2004, ITC Technomir has been developing and supplying SAKZ at the facilities of PAO GAZPROM, PAO NK ROSNEFT, PAO Gazpromneft, OOO Irkutsk Oil Company, PAO LUKOIL and other companies.

EIC "Technomir" develops long-term cooperation in the development of AGCS for the needs of the largest petrochemical and machine-building enterprises: OAO Kazankompressormash, AO Kazan Motor-Building Production Association, ZAO NPP Compressor, PAO Nizhnekamskneftekhim, PAO Kazanorgsintez.

Attention to the needs of the customer, flexibility and responsiveness in decision-making at all stages of the implementation of AGCS from pre-project survey to commissioning allow us to achieve a high level of satisfaction from our business partners.


СПАС 400 1Description

For the organization of automatic fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems (AGCS), our company has developed its own software and hardware package, manufactured in two versions:

  1. PTK FFASS-400 (TU FFAPS.S7.400.2014-TU), executed on the basis of the programmable logic controller of the Simatic S7-400 series manufactured by Siemens AG, Germany. This complex allows to realize the function of "hot" redundancy of the central processor of AGCS.

FFC FFASS-400 has been certified by the OS POZHTEST FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia, which is undergone by the certificate of conformity №C-RU.PB01.B.02897 from 11/26/2014.

  1. PTK FFAPS-1500 (TU FFAPS.S7.1500.2016-TU), executed on the basis of the most modern programmable logic controller of the Simatic S7-1500 series manufactured by Siemens AG, Germany.

PTK FFAPS-1500 has been certified by the OS POZHTEST FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia, which is undergone by the certificate of conformity №C-RU.ЧС13.В.00673 dated 12/20/2016.

This product is a modular programmable device. The configuration, configuration of equipment and visualization tools, programming of the algorithms of the FFC work is carried out on the basis of the general requirements:

  • GOST R 53325-2012 Fire fighting equipment. Technical means of fire automatics. General technical requirements. Test methods;
  • Code of Regulations SP 3.13130.2009 Fire protection systems. The system of warning and control of the evacuation of people in case of fire. Fire safety requirements;
  • Code of Regulations SP 5.13130.2009. Fire protection systems. Fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems are automatic. Norms and rules of designing;
  • Code of Regulations SP 6.13130.2009 Fire protection systems. Electrical equipment. Fire safety requirements;
  • Federal Law of July 22, 2008 №123-FL "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements".

Functions of the software and hardware complex

Signal receiving of alarm notification appliance circuit

FFC provides reception of signals from automatic and manual FA of various types, as well as control of FA circuits for a break and short circuit:

  • thermal FA;
  • smoke (optical, ionization, ultrasonic) FA;
  • fire flames detectors;
  • Portable FA;
  • remote start devices (RSD);
  • resistance thermocouples and thermocouples;
  • Other devices used as FA.

Reception of equipment status monitoring signals

FFC provides reception of signals of the control of a condition of the equipment entering into structure AGCS, and also the process equipment and engineering systems of object:

  • closed door position control;
  • control leakage of GFES from cylinders of gas fire extinguishing installations;
  • control of the output of GFES from the cylinders of gas fire extinguishing installations at the moment of fire-fighting;
  • level control in tanks and tanks of fire extinguishing systems (fire water storage tanks, foam storage tanks, etc.);
  • Other parameters reflecting the state of the SPA equipment and influencing the fire fighting tactics.

Management and delivery of information to visualization tools

FFC provides management of the following visualization devices, as well as monitoring of circuits for an open and short circuit:

  • light annunciators;
  • sound annunciators;
  • combined annunciators.

FFC provides information to the following visualization devices:

  • touch panel installed on the front of the control cabinet;
  • remote signaling and control panel (RSCP). Available on request.

Management of AFFS

СПАС 400 2

FFC provides the functions of controlling and controlling the parameters of automatic fire extinguishing installations of the following types:

  • gas fire extinguishing installations;
  • powder fire extinguishing installations;
  • powder fire extinguishing installations;
  • alert management settings;
  • installation of signal conditioning for engineering and process equipment;
  • control settings for other devices;
  • combined installations.

FFC also provides control and monitoring of engineering equipment parameters:

  • control signals for ventilation and heating systems;
  • electric drives of stop valves;
  • Other devices that are part of the AGCS.

Control of technological equipment

If the firefighting tactics used imply automatic shutdown and / or change of operating modes of the process equipment by means of the SAP, the FFC can implement the necessary procedures, accompanying them by issuing messages to the touch control panels and other notification devices of the SAP.