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Reinforcement blocks, blocks of shut-off and switching armature

АрматураThe equipment of blocks of stop valves is mounted on a welded frame and can be located in a heat-insulated building.

The technological compartment includes:

  • pipeline lines;
  • drainage system with a drainage manifold;
  • shut-off and regulating valves of pipelines and drainage;
  • filters;
  • sensors and automation alarms;
  • ventilation, heating and lighting.

Control of electrical equipment installed in the technological room of the unit (room heaters, lighting, fan, sensors) is made from the control cabinet.

According to the technical task of the Customer blocks of stop valves are made taking into account:

  • nominal working pressure;
  • characteristics of the conditional diameter of the pipeline;
  • quantity and composition of the shut-off and control valves;
  • presence of flowmeter, counter;
  • type and brand of flowmeter, meter;
  • availability of filters;
  • number and composition of instrumentation;
  • ventilation systems;
  • type of shelter;
  • presence of space heating.