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Switchboard equipment

щитовое оборудование 4The company EIC "Technomir" has its own assembly shop where it produces the following electrical equipment:

  • cabinets of the distributed control system (DCS);
  • emergency protection cabinets (EPC);
  • control cabinets for electrical heating of pipelines and equipment (CCE);
  • cabinets of the automatic fire extinguishing system (CFE);
  • cabinets of the automatic gas pollution control (CFE);
  • cabinets of the uninterrupted power system (CUPS);
  • input-distributing devices cabinets (IDD);
  • low-voltage electrical switchboard (LVES);
  • automatic transfer reserve switchboards (ATRS);
  • lighting boards (LB);
  • security alarm and video observation cabinets;

щитовое оборудование3Our production constantly focuses on advanced technologies for the production of electrical equipment.

When designing and manufacturing, we use and implement component parts of domestic and foreign manufacturers:

  • controller equipment: Siemens, Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley, Emerson Process Management, Yokogawa Electric, Fastwel, WAGO;
  • low-voltage equipment: Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, Eaton, Weidmuller;
  • switchboard equipment: Rittal, DKC, Provento;
  • uninterruptable power supplies: APC, Eaton;
  • fire extinguishing equipment: Bolide, Siemens;
  • gas contamination control equipment: FGUP SPO Analitpribor, AO Electronstandart instrument, CIS-Controls, Det-Tronics, Siemens, OWEN;
  • electro-technical equipment: Legrand, PhoenixContact, Finder.

The assembly of cabinets is carried out by qualified personnel.

Specialists regularly attend refresher courses and training at the equipment manufacturing enterprises, on the elemental base of which the work is carried out.


щитовое оборудование 2After assembly in the shop, each cabinet passes quality control. Quality control specialists carry out product check for compliance with design documentation, check the quality of connections of all components and components of the product. The checking of the operation of the devices is performed under load.

After passing the quality control, the products are sent to the specialists of the testing range of the enterprise.

For all equipment manufactured by the enterprise, conformance certificates are issued and a guarantee is given.